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Sometimes It’s Hard to Let Go – Flash Fiction

‘Should I toss the knife?’ She was not sure what to do next. The plan had escaped her now that his blood was on her hands. She looked down at her wrists and watched in amazement as the wounds closed up. ‘What the hell? My wounds?’ Continue reading “Sometimes It’s Hard to Let Go – Flash Fiction”


It’s a Sh##ty Job, But Somebody Has To Do It! – Flash Fiction

Honestly, I can’t remember when I started this job, but I can tell you now that it possibly could be one of the adversest mistakes of my being when I signed that dotted line.

I should have known right from the start that it was just too good to be true, and it serves me right to believe the media. I mean, everything must be genuine if it’s in the Space News-Times, right? Continue reading “It’s a Sh##ty Job, But Somebody Has To Do It! – Flash Fiction”

Free -Trick or Treat – May 10 to 14

Junkies of horror and short stories look no farther and feast your eyes on the brand-new tale weaved by Jamie Stewart titled Trick or Treat.

For a limited time, pick up your copy FREE  right here! Trick or Treat!

514tU6DJWmLIf I do say so myself, I found that it had the right dose of spookiness and chilling details to fill your craving of a supernatural high.

While brewing up his tale, you can tell the author cleverly placed all the ingredients he needed into his literary pot to serve you a lethal dose of the creeps. The parts of the story blended together smoothly just like a creamy fatal elixir, and just like a pusher of the spooks, he had no problem making you devour his creation. Continue reading “Free -Trick or Treat – May 10 to 14”