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The Tacharan: A Story of Loch Ness by Keith D Graham

Synopsis What does a sixteenth-century Scotsman, two opposing alien races, three countries, and four centuries have in common with the Loch Ness Monster? Join McDougal as he travels around the world and space in his quest to save and protect

Here’s Why The Novel Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage Has Bite

Have you ever known a kid that was so wicked that you dreaded that the parents would ask you to babysit? If not, you’re lucky, if so, still count yourself lucky that it wasn’t Hanna. She is one sick and twisted kid. I will…

16 Questions – Peter Hartog And His New Book Bloodlines

All you have to do is listen to Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream”, and that’s all you need to know about the positive, uplifting power of words.

Born to Lose. Live to Win – A Review of Lemmy by Mick Wall

“We are Motorhead. And we play rock and roll.” – Lemmy Kilmister A lot of people, when looking at Lemmy would say that he’s just a rough looking old rock star, and they may not be that far off the mark. For me though,…

Fan of Horror? Read Paradise, Maine by Jackson R. Thomas

Welcome to Paradise! Paradise I said! Where it’s blue skies! Clear waters! The peace and quiet of solitude! Zen and happiness at it’s best! Isn’t it amazing how a good getaway is mind relaxing? How a trip into Paradise does a person some good….