Amazing Author Interviews

Here you will find a collection of authors that I have had the grateful filled opportunity to ask some questions too! You’ll find out their likes, dislikes, thoughts of wisdom, and possibly what they will be coming out with next.

17 Questions with Gloria L. Geiger the Author of Loud Music

Topher Hoffman: Welcome to the House of 1000 Books.  I am excited and proud to introduce to you to the Houses third interview in May! Today, we have in the hot seat, Gloria L. Geiger who is a steaming new writer who has three smoking hot novels for you to read.

15 Questions with Atina Atwood the Author of the Holiday Heartbeats Series

Topher Hoffman: Hello! Today we have Atina Atwood answering questions at The House of 1000 Books.  She’s the creator of the Holiday Heartbeats Series. This series includes His Epiphany, Love Games, and her newest novel, Luck of the Irish! She states in her bio that in general, her stories vary in heat levels— from YA to… Read More ›

16 Questions With Faye Hall Author of Wrath & Mercy

Topher Hoffman: Ladies and gentlemen, today we have a special guest here at the House of 1000 Books blog.   She’s a mother by day, and steamy romance novel writer by night!   When reading her work, if you can’t sense that love is in the air, at least you will witness corruption, deceit, murders, and a… Read More ›

16 Questions with Corlet Dawn the Author of Bee’s Flowers: Book One

Topher Hoffman: Hello! Hello! Hello! Welcome to an interview that is just in time for spring! I had a chance to ask Corlet Dawn a few questions on her new and upcoming novel Bee’s Flowers: Book One that is coming out just in time for spring, April 30, 2019.   This book will more than like bring on… Read More ›

17 Questions with John Mead the Author of The Fourth Victim

Topher Hoffman: Hello folks! And welcome to the House of 1000 Books!  Today I have a special guest who happens to be the writer of two excellent novels.  The Hanging Women and The Fourth Victim! He specializes in the crime, thriller, and mystery genre and writes about events that are based on actual people and… Read More ›


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