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Marah Chase Shows You How To Conquer a Tomb the Correct Way!

Rogue archeologist Marah Chase is approached by MI6 with an impossible mission: to help them recover a lost treasure with the potential to destroy humanity.

Once a rising star in the field of archaeology, Marah Chase is now a black-market treasure hunter, her services available to the highest bidder. But when she s caught “rescuing” relics in Syria before they’re destroyed by war, an MI6 officer named Joanna Mason approaches her with an offer she can’t refuse: help save the world or rot in prison.

All Chase has to do is find Alexander the Great s lost tomb, recover an ancient weapon of mass destruction he may have used to conquer the earth, and destroy it before the bad guys can get it. Among those adversaries are a powerful church that believes in a forgotten epoch of advanced alien technology, the white supremacist thugs in its employ, and the rival archaeologist who recently left Chase for dead.

Chase can’t resist a challenge or the British spy recruiting her. There’s just one problem. If Chase has any hope of unearthing Alexander’s tomb before the forces hot on her heels do, she’ll need the help of the one person she’s been afraid to see since her fall from grace: Zoe Forrester, the heir to a hidden journal that holds the key and Chase’s ex-girlfriend.

A contemporary homage to the best adventure stories of literature, television, and film, Marah Chase and the Conqueror’s Tomb is an action-packed, globe-trotting quest, perfect for anyone who’s ever thought Indy really ought to be Jewish, female, and gay.

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How Did Stephen King Prove The Dead Should Be Left Alone?

I AM Oz the Gweat and Tewwible!!! And I am here to present to you my review on Pet Sematary: A Novel by Stephen King!!!!

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Why Dark Flowers By Caytlyn Brooke Will Change Your Mind About Fairies

Are you one of those people who think fairies are adorable, tiny, mysterious beings that come and sprinkle their whimsical fairy dust all over the place making everything smell like cotton candy?

“Oh, they are so tiny and so harmless, right?”

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Here’s Why The Novel Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage Has Bite

Have you ever known a kid that was so wicked that you dreaded that the parents would ask you to babysit?

babyteethIf not, you’re lucky, if so, still count yourself lucky that it wasn’t Hanna. She is one sick and twisted kid. I will get into in a few minutes, but first, let me tell you about the book.

This novel was one of the titles of the month in January for the book club I am a member of on the website GoodReads. If you haven’t heard of GoodReads, you should check it out. Definitely add me as a friend on there, I’d love to see what books you read.

Well anyways, the book isn’t that long. It’s 320 pages, which is about the perfect size. It’s also probably also a good thing the way that things were played out. It’s written from the thoughts of the two main characters. Suzette who is the mother, and Hanna, the daughter. The chapters alternate between the two of them.

In Baby Teeth a mother who is struggling with her illness, the raising of a young daughter, and trying to keep her husband satisfied all at the same time.

That sounds rough, right?

Rough is an understatement. Hanna, who is the reincarnation of the devil who makes babyteethpinterest2her mothers (Suzette) life even worse. Don’t fear, Hanna has her reasons. She wants her father, Alex all to herself and she is willing to make sure that mommy is out of the picture so she can have her all to herself.

During the book, Hanna doesn’t talk and leaves her mother outplayed trying to explain to Alex how awful their child is. Alex is doubtful about that, and the more Suzette seeks to clarify, the more Hanna plays the role of a good child to impress her father.

The author made you feel how it is to be inside a youngsters head that was, can I say, crazy? I believe the word I’m looking for to describe this child is a psychopath. The hell she puts her mother through doesn’t seem to make Hanna feel bad at all.

The author did a fabulous job making Suzette look like the prey. I really felt bad for the mother. It described when she was living at home with her mother, how sick she was, and how her mother treated her. How she got married and was ashamed of being sick around Alex. Eventually, you really start to feel sorry about how Hanna treats her.

This book is a strange battle between good and evil.

So is Baby Teeth a good read?  Yes, I recommend this book to all mothers of small children who do not seem as bad. Actually, I’m just joking. This book is probably not for them. This book is more for people who like a good thriller. The book is filled with a bunch ups, downs, and at times leaving you wishing that you could be there to warn Suzette out.

Give the book a read! What is the last thriller you read?

If you are interested in reading Baby Teeth you can check it out here.

Born to Lose. Live to Win – A Review of Lemmy by Mick Wall

“We are Motorhead. And we play rock and roll.” – Lemmy Kilmister

A lot of people, when looking at Lemmy would say that he’s just a rough looking old rock star, and they may not be that far off the mark. For me though, out of all the rock and metal bands out there, Motörhead was and still is one of my favourites, and considered Lemmy one of my idols.

LemmybookLate last year I had a chance to read the book called Lemmy: The Definitive Biography written by Mick Wall. I read the paperback edition which was a trade book with a whopping 320 pages. Pretty short when it comes to somebody who lived for over 69 years in my honest opinion.

The book was a genuinely fantastic biography of Lemmy Kilmister and not about Motörhead that much, although the band was mentioned in it several times. It has a lot of excellent stories in it from his childhood all the way up to his death.

What I positively enjoyed about the book is that the stories were the accounts from Lemmy himself put together from a series of interviews over the years with Mick Wall.

It was surpassing to read stuff about his earlier bands like the Rockin’ Vicas where he wore a dog collar on stage to Hawkwind. There were loads of insights about the bands’ dynamics and history.

There were some mind blowing facts. For instance, when Lemmy died, by taking a look at him you wouldn’t know he was a millionaire, would you?

If you read the book and paid attention, you would get a pretty good understanding of the way Lemmy thought and what his values were. Let me share them.

Lemmy’s Beliefs From The Book

Being alone is ok. In the book, Lemmy explains how he was an only child and how it affected his outlook on life.

Be yourself. If you take a look at Lemmy’s living conditions, the way he talked, and the way he looked. He didn’t care. In the book, it pointed out many views of what he thought of things when it came to being himself.

Don’t be afraid to think out loud. Lemmy pretty much said what he wanted throughout the book. After all, it was his book.

F### those who would first f### you.

Be kind. In the book, the author and Lemmy showed that he was genuinely a kind person.

Follow your calling in life. That’s precisely what he did. No matter how rough it got, he kept on playing rock and roll.

Keep your word. The internet is the death of civilization. In the book, there is a big explanation of why he thought this. I found that is sounded like somebody who didn’t want to brace technology.


My recommendation

This book is definitely for Lemmy and Motorhead fans. He truly lived an exciting life, although it seemed pretty stressful and hard at the time. You will be impressed with the number of facts from every aspect of his life were in the book. A great read. If you are a fan, buy the book.

Quote “Death is an inevitability, isn’t it? You become more aware of that when you get to my age. I don’t worry about it. I’m ready for it. When I go, I want to go doing what I do best. If I died tomorrow, I couldn’t complain. It’s been good.” – Lemmy Kilmister

Interested in reading this amazing biography about the legendary Lemmy? Pick up your own copy here, Lemmy: The Definitive Biography.