A Review of Rebecca Crunden’s Novel – A Touch of Death

A Touch of Death by Rebecca Crunden is a fantastic start to a series about a dark and distant future. 

When I got a copy of this novel, I only had a slight idea of what this book was about and honestly, I wasn’t sure I would like it. Lucky for me, I enjoyed it immensely. The reason being Read more

A Book Review On The Aron Christensen’s Series, My Storytelling Guides

Hey there, folks!

This week my book review is not a single book but three! That’s right, you have read it right! Three books! A series, to be exact! 

The series I am talking about is called My Storytelling Guides, Books 1-3. These books are guides to help you with your storytelling. Helpful for any upcoming (like me) or veteran DM. It doesn’t matter what your poison is, Dungeons and Dragons, Blades in the Dark, Starfinder, or any other tabletop RPG you will find some great tips. That means a better game for you and your friends.  

I enjoyed each of them, and I am thrilled that I found these books. I couldn’t find a better time to see this series. Right at the start of my interest in tabletop role-playing games! 

I feel that, if you are looking for a book based on rules, then these are not for you. (The author tells you that in his first few pages). But if you are looking for tips on running a kick-ass story, then maybe these will help! (Trust me, one elf to another). In fact, I would be surprised if you DIDN’T find at least one topic or tip you could use in your next game.

Out of all the topics in these books, there were two topics I enjoyed more than the others. 

  1. Crisis
  2. NPC’s

But, by far, I also liked how the author pointed out how your Heros are the stars! Not you! A pretty good tip seeing that everyone is looking out for number one these days…themselves!  

If you are interested in these books or other work that the author has done you can check out his work here:  Books by Aron Christensen on Amazon

The Tacharan: A Story of Loch Ness by Keith D Graham


What does a sixteenth-century Scotsman, two opposing alien races, three countries, and four centuries have in common with the Loch Ness Monster? Join McDougal as he travels around the world and space in his quest to save and protect his new friends, the Tacharan. Or as the world knows them, The Loch Ness Monster!

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