About House of 1000 Books

The House Of 1000 Books is a blog that’s dedicated to authors and the novels that they write. My primary goal is to put write about their work and whenever possible interview them about it!

Follow and DM on Twitter if you are already interested:  @Houseof1kBooks  

So what can I do for you?

1. Write an honest review of your books or short story sharing my opinion with my readers

2. Provide you with an outlet in the form of an interview promoting you and your work

How do we get started?

For a Book or Short Story Review

If you are looking for a review of your latest book or short story, you can DM on Twitter. We can make arrangements for you to send me a copy to read and leave my honest review.  Before you send me your work, please check out our policy page.

Check Out My Review For Paradise, Maine

An Interview

If you are looking for an interview to promote your book DM me on Twitter and we can work out the details.

Check Out My Interview With Peter Hartog

Again, What Could Possibly Be In It For You?

  • An honest review posted of what I think of your work on my blog, Amazon, and GoodReads
  • An interview between us talking about your writing your book or short story. If we are both happy with the conversation, then I will post it on my blog.
  • A chance to reach more people and let them know about your work
  • It’s a free way to promote your work

What are you waiting for? Follow and DM on Twitter, and we can talk!   @Houseof1kBooks

House of 1000 Books Policy page. 


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