Breaking News – Just Released – The Pilgrim’s Soul by Sam Kane

Sitting there in your underwear, you watch for the 100th time a commercial for the magically delicious cereal, Lucky Charms. It looks good. You think to yourself, who doesn’t love a bowl full of hard as rocks marshmallows in the shape of horseshoes, clovers, blue moons, unicorns and rainbows? After all, they shove this type of sugary goodness down kids’ throats so that they will have a fit in the cereal aisle at the local grocery store that is directed at their stressed-out parents. With the number of times the commercial plays, the next thought that crosses your mind is that sales at General Mills must be through the roof.

You flip the channel. Nothing is on. Nope, not a thing. You pause your clicking on the news channel. Topher Hoffman is sitting there in front of the camera with his mountain of papers. He’s the news anchor that went viral and basically became an internet sensation overnight. It was ACTUALLY overnight because his first day on the job was yesterday.

You wonder to yourself, what does he have say.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the House of 1000 Books Saturday morning news!

You might be wondering how hard is it to write a book? If not now, then in the past, right? Ok, well, if not in the past, maybe you will think about it now!

The House of 1000 Books recently came across a post by the fresh new author Sam Kane talking about his new book, “The Pilgrim’s Soul.” (Available at Barnes & Noble.) By the looks of things, he is tired! Very tired! And he should be! Think about it folks, he just single-handedly put out a novel! Well, with some help from his publisher Sage’s Tower Publishing!

He wanted to make sure his fans knew how much love, devotion, blood, sweat, and tears went into these pages of his masterpiece! After all, it took him 20 rejection letters, 4 rounds of editing, countless revisions, 15 beta readers, 2 rounds of formatting, a final review, and a final copy!

Lucky for us, here at The House of 1000 Books, we caught up with Mr. Kane for a brief interview!”

Topher points at the control guy someplace off of the camera. “Roll the clip.”

“Mr. Kane! How do you feel now that your book has finally been released to the masses?”

“I feel happy and terrified because now the book needs to withstand public opinion. That’s rough.”

“Great! And how are you going to celebrate?”

“I am eating too many cookies and going for a walk in the woods!”

“What is the next writing project?” (He was secretive about this)

“I’ll be doing the whole thing over again with my second novel, but now I know what to expect!”

The screen goes back to Topher Hoffman. He’s sitting there with a big face-splitting smile! There you have it, folks! A new novel out on the shelves of Barnes and Noble! So fresh that the ink is still wet!

“Don’t wait! Order your copy today! And tell them, Topher Hoffman sent you! That’s all, folks!”

Topher gives a porky pig wink and points at the camera as the station starts with a round of commercials. First up…Lucky Charms…

Disclaimer: This story is fictional, but the news is real! Sam Kane has indeed released new novel! You can pick up your copy online at Barns & Novel!

Follow Sam Kane on Twitter for more news and upcoming projects!

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