A Review of Storm by Keith D. Graham

Storm by Keith D. Graham


Easy going, likable Doug Adams is a meteorologist on his local TV station just trying to get through life. Then, a STORM of epic proportions brings a horrific plague to his home state of Florida. Now Doug and his new friends must try to figure out how to cope in their bleak new reality, but whom are they going to have more difficulty with? The dead or their fellow survivors? Not only does this STORM bring destruction and chaos, but it also kills and unfortunately for the survivors, the dead don’t stay dead.

The Review

Hey there folks! It is I, the reviewer of the books, novels that need to be reviewed! And today, I have a juicy one for you! Storm, written by Keith D Graham!

Storm – Keith D. Graham

First of all, I would like to say I appreciate the time the Author (or editor) took to edit this book for the kindle. Maybe it is just my very oblivious ways, but I found that it was fantastic to use continuous scrolling and the reading ruler on my kindle. Very nice, very nice. Makes reading with my wacky eyes a luxury! Thank you!

With that out of the way, let’s start with this book.

Do you like characters? Then you came to the right place. If you have read one of my reviews before, you know that I am picky when it comes to characters. Too little, I cry about it. Too many and too many details, I groan about it. But this book. Sure, there are A LOT of characters. About 76, give or take a few. Whoa right? Call the hell down with the adding of names already! Just kidding! Funny right? Actually, you can trust me when I said it was well done. There were main characters, supporting characters, heroes, villains, and..um… let’s say disposable characters. As I write this, it reminds me of a great story I read when I was a kid. About this homeless girl who comes across a cabin in the woods, and after a bit of breaking and entering (don’t worry, she get’s busted later), found out that sometimes things are too little, and sometimes too much, but often there is a sweet spot! This story, I found it a great mixture! So well done! 

When you read this book, you will see what I mean. In the beginning, man, oh man, it was tremendously done. A furry of introduction to characters that, well, let’s just say, may have or may not have stuck around for the rest of the story. Great move! 

My most beloved character was Alicia. Of course, this was after a bit of name-calling and finger-pointing at her on my part! Like, “OH! YOU LITTLE BITCH!” she turned out pretty cool. My most hated character was Tyler. He was a deranged evil bastard who was as dumb as bricks. So maybe it didn’t dawn on him that he was like that. (Just saying). Then finally, THE DRAUGARS! Theses Zombies, unlike TWD zombies, had a cause. Taking no names and cashing no cheques. They were here on a mission! I hear you now, “but what Mister, was their purpose?” On the other hand, I will have to explain to you, “No spoilers, child!”

I have read other books by Mr. Graham, and this one was his best yet. It was definitely an upgrade from The Tacharan: A story of Loch Ness. Not that there was anything wrong with that novel. But this novel was smooth. It slowly raised to point, and then BAM! It was time for the conclusion that comes down like a can of whoop-ass that would make Steve Austin jealous!

Now, if I could be so rude to ask for a favour from the Author. Mr. Graham, how about a prequel? The possibilities are endless, and I feel that this story could go in so many directions! In particular, I would LOVE to read about the rise of the GA4 organization! You know, mentalities, hierarchy, recruiting, their start? Now that, that would be the bulls bal…er um…

After all that, and laying out what I liked about this book, I feel that this book would be great for Zombie Fanatics and The Apocalyptic end of the world crowd.  I, for one, can not wait to see what is going to come out of the noggin of Mr. Graham!

Thank you for the great read!

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Twitter: kdgraham65

Website: Words and Wood

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