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When Riley watched Chroma, the latest movie by Armani Manora, he had no idea how much his life was about to change. Riley’s parents, Jean and Paul, are currently getting divorced, and they have managed to keep the situation hidden from Riley, until now. 

They were unaware of the effects this was having on Riley’s emotional and mental well-being, and as tensions rose at school and at home, he was visited by a voice in his bedroom. Before too long, he began a journey that was not only dangerous, but eye opening. 

Chroma explores the rapidly changing family dynamic throughout divorce, and how a child’s imagination can take them to unknown places. It is emotional, insightful and a moving story which not only teaches us how to be an adult, but how to be a child.

The Review

I know! I know, I’ve been out of the loop for a bit and REALLY slacking on posting my reviews! But hey! I’m back, and that’s all that matters, right? Well, ok, maybe not!

So, recently I had the chance to jump on the train and managed to get myself a peek at a new book by the name of Chroma written by Oscar Wenman-Hyde!

If you have read my other reviews, you know by now, you are about to get the good, the bad, and the ugly. I warn you right now, I may put in too much detail, so here is my SPOILERS warning!

With that, I am proud to present my review on this gem of a novel!

Let us start with the good. I like every one of the characters. I found, the way the book was written, you had a chance to know the characters. I had the feeling that it seemed that characters were all looking out for each other’s feelings. I’m sure you have been there when you know you should keep your mouth shut so you don’t step on somebody’s toes or ruffle their feathers.

Another thing was the topic of the book. It was based on the “D” word. No, not that one! The other one. Yes, divorce. When I hear the word divorce, I picture lawyers, a lot of tears, crying children, and a lot of name-callings! Instead, you read what goes on between the people in person, behind closed doors, and internally. Oh, the emotions!

Now, for the bad.

Ewwww, I know, right? The BAD! A few times, I found myself thinking when the author was explaining the story that was going on in the kid’s head, “That there’s no way that a child would think the way Riley did, and not only that but take into consideration of others feelings. To know the right thing to say and how to navigate the minefield of eggshells. Maybe that’s just me, or perhaps I was just more dumb than the average kid, or an insensitive little bastard. Probably both.

Other than that, that was the only thing that bothered me about the book.

Now, what’s ugly! Here’s my opinion. I liked the book, and I think you will too. I found it entertaining. The characters were strong, their emotions realistic, and their problems real. I recommend this book!

My gut feeling would be to somebody who is looking for something that isn’t science-fiction or action. This book is definitely not for you! It’s more of a book for somebody who is or has gone through a divorce. Maybe it would let them know that other people have and are going through this type of thing, just like they are.

Overall great book. Check it out! You’ll find the links below!

More About This Book

If you are interested in giving this book a try, you can pick up your own copy here:

UK –

US –

Author Bio –

Oscar Wenman-Hyde is a writer living in Gloucester, UK. Born and raised in the quiet towns of North Devon, Oscar would spend the majority of his time as a child writing and directing short films with his brother and neighbours. From here, Oscar’s passion led him to explore all aspects of his creativity, by graduating with a BA Hons in Songwriting at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute. He now finds joy in all mediums of writing and although he has worked and trained in many areas, he is always inspired by film and remains grounded in storytelling.

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