The Tacharan: A Story of Loch Ness by Keith D Graham


What does a sixteenth-century Scotsman, two opposing alien races, three countries, and four centuries have in common with the Loch Ness Monster? Join McDougal as he travels around the world and space in his quest to save and protect his new friends, the Tacharan. Or as the world knows them, The Loch Ness Monster!

The Review

I bet that is the question on everyone’s mind today, isn’t it? What does a Scotsman, two alien races, three countries, and four centuries have in common? Well, here’s a clue. It’s not the start of a joke from 400 years ago. It’s the start of Keith D Graham’s story on Loch Ness!

I picked up the paperback version of this tale because I am a fan of a few aspects of this story. Pretty much everything the author stated the book was about on the back! Monsters, space, history, oh my!

The Good

First of all, let me be honest, when I started to read this book, six words slowly crawled across my mind like a scroll bar at the bottom of a news broadcast, “What the f#ck am I reading?” Then slowly over time, as I read this book, it turned into a page-turner. It’s not a long read, so I was able to devour this book in a day and enjoyed almost every minute of it!

Without giving too much about the plot, let me tell you what I liked.

What made this an enjoyable read was that I enjoyed the way the monster came into being, and I thought it was a brilliant and well-thought-out way to do it. Let me tell you, I have heard it all. Everything from vortex time travels to left remaining dinosaurs from the past.

The book had an excellent flow to it as it jumped from time frame to time frame. McDougal’s changes over the years and the way he covered up his past were pretty skillful. Out of all of the periods, when McDougal found himself in Montreal. I have been in the old part of Montreal several times, and it was easy to paint a picture of where McDougal was wondering.

I even found one of the many easter eggs in the book! It might have branded me as a nerd, but hey, I’m still proud.

For me, the book left me with a feeling of what next? Well, fortunately for me, I will be picking up. The second part called The Tacharan II: The Siochain Redemption is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle Edition.

The Bad

The story was short but incredible. There was nothing wrong on that front at all, except maybe it needed a bit more world-building.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to reading the next part.

The Needy

So who needs this book? I think this book would be a great fit for fans of Monsters and cryptids. People who like science fiction similar to the Old Man’s War series. Shifting period in history like Interview With A Vampire (without the horror aspect). People who like short reads that want a quick-paced book that takes forever to read!

Go ahead! Check out the book your self!

Works by Keith D Graham

The Tacharan: A Story of Loch Ness

The Tacharan II: The Siochain Redemption 



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