I’m Still Alive…. :)

Hey there folks.

I know, I know, it’s been ages since wrote anything here on The House of 1000 Books.

So, let me make some excuses up for my lack of existence around here.

First off, for the lack of book reviews.  I have picked a book to read that I have been stuck on. I have been slowly trying to grind my way through it.  I just don’t feel it, and when that happens, I read one or two pages a day.  The book is over 700 pages, so that means, it’s going to take me about 700 days to read.  Yup, two years.

My lack of writing.  I have been working on some writing.  Just hadn’t posted any.  I actually wrote a few flash stories, and I’ve also been working on a novel.  *blink* What? A book, you say?  Yes, I said a novel! OH, A NOVEL!

I’ve also been getting back into my old fish hobby, and currently, have three tanks up and running. The most recent one is still cycling. I have some plants in there that seem to be doing ok, but its’ no, so they are pretty thin so far.  I have no idea what I’m going to put in it.  Either more shrimp, dwarf crayfish or Corey’s or maybe some type of small fish like Least Killifish.   The tank is small, so I can’t keep them all, so I have to pick what I want.

Then between all that, I’ve been working and dealing with health crap.  The health crap, I’ve finally come to the decision that I’m going to ignore it as much as I can.  Headaches are still kicking my ass, so let’s see what that develops.

Other than that nothing much is happening in my life.  Wich had me thinking over the last week, but I will save that for another rant.

2 thoughts on “I’m Still Alive…. :)”

  1. Good to have you back. The review thing I understand. I’ve a similar problem. The book I’m reading is a) not very well written, and b) has far too many characters, all in different places and the author keeps jumping from one to the other. The fact that, like you, I can only manage a few pages a day, doesn’t help!


    1. Thanks for stopping around! Glad I’m not alone.

      ALong with that, I have scatter brain becuase of stress, but I wont’ bitch about that. Apparently, everytime I bring it up, people tell me I don’t know what stress is.


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