Short Story Review: Alfie and The Dead Girls by Jamie Stewart

Books-ahoy book my book people!

I just got finished reading the newest short story by the mighty author Jamie Stewart, and for some reason, and now I can’t get the melody of “Oops!… I Did It Again” out of my head.

Ooops he did it again, wrote a story not so long, I never wanted it to end! Oh baby, baby!

So first ladies and gentlemen and all you people from the jury, let me share with you the synopsis as it is clearly written on amazon!!


41rYBBKmG9L._SY346_Alfie & The Dead Girls

The car continued to keep pace, trailing her.
It was unlike any other car she had ever seen. It was old and well maintained, its coat a brilliant aquamarine that gleamed in the sun’s rays.
‘Do you like my car?’ asked Fred, catching her admiring gaze.
Emma’s cheeks burned.
‘Most people do,’ he said, chuckling, ‘it’s a great ride’.

Emma Woods, a quiet, bookish, eleven-year-old is about to start her first day at secondary, which means new classes, new teachers and new classmates.

Emma is terrified and in her terror-stricken state she reaches out to her new school’s social media page to make friends. That’s where she meets Alfie.

Alfie is joining Radcliff Secondary School as well. Alfie likes the books she likes and most importantly he wants to be Emma’s friend. However, now there’s a strange car driven by a strange man trailing Emma with a promise to take her to Alfie.

What follows next is a story that is every parent’s worst nightmare. Alfie & The Dead Girls is perfect for fans of Stephen King, Joe Hill, John Grisham, Shirley Jackson, and Harlan Coben.

How do you like those beans?

Well, like you already know if you had ventured onto my blog before, that you are going to hear the thoughts about this story.   So, without further ado, I now lay before you, my insights, my feelings, and my most inner curiosities of Alfie and the Dead Girls.

From the Mush in my Head

This is the third short story that Jamie has given me the pleasure to read, and by far, this one is the best.  Now, now! Settle down, I didn’t say that the other two are crappy by any means, but I do say, I see a lot of improvements as Jamie has been developing his skills as an author!

Special blogger note: Don’t’ believe me when I say that the other two stories are also great? Go ahead, check them out for yourself… Insular and Trick or Treat!

There are overall improvements in the mood of the story,  character creation, plot and structure.

The Climate Between the Covers


First the mood of the story.  The book was suspenseful.  You find yourself intrigued by the relationships in the book.

The Construction the Plebeians

Character creation.

Let me start with this.  The people in this book were not plebeians.

In fact, they were well created and rich. Maybe not in the money sense, but definitely in their development.  You could see what was going on in each of the characters heads.

Sometimes I find when you read some stories, characters are all blended together and you don’t get a feeling of their age.  This story could have easily had all the characters feeling the same.  It didn’t.  Emma was clearly a teenager with teenager thoughts of being left out,  Adam unquestionably had father concerns, and Fred was a middle-aged creep.

Creepy Green Cars and Little Girls

The plot.

This page was short. I wish it was longer because personally, I think this could be a full-length book.  It sure was a page-turner.

I loved the structure and how it jumped back and forth.  It was done tactfully and smooth and well marked.

The story itself was original, and believable and wasn’t too far out.


So the bottom line of this story.

The story was a short suspenseful and enjoyable read.  It had strong characters who let you into their heads.  It lured you into the turning-pages craving for more.

Do I recommend this story?  Yes, I do.  This is by far the best story by Jamie.

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