1 Question with Author Corlet Dawn

Raise your hand if you love books booksters!

Do you want to hear what Corlet Dawn had to say when I had the chance to ask this amazingly talented author a question in my mini-interview with her?

Q. In your opinion, what is the absolute best path to find truth; science, math, art, philosophy, or something else?

A. What a great question!!! Wow, I would say that so much factors into your absolute truth. I think you are raised to think certain things are true and then it’s almost like a ripple effect. The more you experience life and get other’s input and outside information the more your truth changes and evolves. I think you have to factor in hard facts like math and science but also abstracts like art and music. Truth is always changing!!

51pC2vp87PLBee’s Flowers Book One is Corlet’s new book! Check it out on Amazon or Goodreads!

You can also follower her on Twitter: @CorletDawn

Read her interview: 16 Questions with Corlet Dawn the Author of Bee’s Flowers: Book One

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