My Fish Tanks Reality Check – Stupid Me

Hey there fellow book nerds, and I guess fellow aquarium enthusiasts.

Say what? This is a book blog you say, well I say, you can find most of this information in books! So technically it is related to books.

Anyways, not many people know this, but along with books, I have a bunch of fish tanks.  I’ve been a big fan of fish keeping for the last 20 plus years.  You could say know a lot about the hobby, or at least I should know.

This post is more of a post of a reality check for myself, and a warning to the rest of the fish heads out there.

Today I went into the fish store and picked up a few shrimps and a couple of snails for one of my five-gallon tanks.  While talking to the shop guy, I realized the importance of keeping up on my water checks.  I mean, I already knew about them and how important they were but after the guy kept at the store kept on telling me I should do them regularly, I eventually felt guilty.

Being the type of person I am I went ahead and bought what I wanted and would worry about the testing when I got home.

When I did the tests on my two tanks, I was surprised that the shrimp tank was in rather a good condition, while the other one had readings through the roof.  (Shame on me, and I understand if you are a fish keeper, and you hate me, that you are annoyed at me right now. )

So, I had to do an emergency water change.  I actually did water changes on both tanks, but it looks like I have to be responsible for my critters and keep an eye on the shitty tank.  The other tank, the one I put my shrimp in, I should keep an eye on too for the next couple of weeks.

I’m feeling terrible at the moment that I neglected my tanks. I’m in the process of getting the parameters correct.   I know I shouldn’t add anything until matters are under control but I’m going too.  I know, I know, that’s pretty irresponsible Mr. Responsible!

Anyways, a question for the freshwater fish keepers, have you ever kept shrimp?  If you haven’t I suggest that you check them out.  They are amazing to watch and if you do things right, keep up with water changes you will have a striving colony of shrimp in no time.

I think you would be satisfied with the outcome.  My suggestion is that you start out with a group of cherry shrimp.  They belong to the Neocardina family and they are much hardier than crystal shrimp (Most commonly, white with red stripes or black with red stripes.) Cherry shrimp are a bit more forgiving.

If you are interested in reading more on shrimp check out the Breeders’n’Keeprs magazine below.  It’s a great magazine although, I don’t know if they make it anymore.


Anyways, thanks for reading. I will post something bookish soon!

Update: Do not leave a plastic bag while dripping fish on your desk.  When your back is turned, it will collapse and make a mess out of your carpet.  #lessonlearned

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