1 Question with Author Gloria L Geiger

Hey there my fellow bookish gnomes!

Today, Gloria L Geiger took the time to be the first EVER author on House of 1000 books to answer a single question!

Q: Would things get better or worse if humans focused on what was going well rather than what’s going wrong?

A:  I think it would be uneven still. I believe turning a blind eye to the things that need fixing would allow them to continue and eventually become even worse.



If you liked her answer, check out her interview 17 Questions with Gloria L. Geiger the Author of Loud Music

Gloria’s newest book: Loud Music!

Gloria’s Twitter: Gloria’s Twitter Page




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One thought on “1 Question with Author Gloria L Geiger”

  1. I think it’s like that scene from the Matrix where Mr.Smith explains how they tried to make the matrix perfect for humans, but it collapsed because as a species we need sorrow, pain, suffering, etc. to exist. If we were happy and content all the time, who knows what would happen.


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