Why Motivational Quotes are Actually Call to Action Quotes

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Francis of Assi

While looking for a topic on motivation for My Motivational Monday post, I came across a blog post that talks about why you shouldn’t wait for motivation.

At first, I had disagreed about the idea. Thought number one! After all, there are books upon books about the topic of motivation and getting things done.

I then decided to find a few motivational quotes for this post. After reading quote after quote, I started to get the feeling that all these motivational quotes are not motivation but actually calls to action. Thought number two!

They are happily telling you to just get started! Once you are started, then the motivation will come, and you will feel great for doing it!

Let’s look at a couple these “motivational” quotes.




The three examples I just used are motivational, right? No! They are telling you to DO! DO! DO! In a pleasant and feel-good way! Pulling that first action out of you! Motivation is nothing but the by-product after you get the ball rolling.

Once you do, then the feeling of getting stuff done starts. Once you feel the accomplishment of getting things done that makes you feel good. That brings on the inspiration to keep going. Once you are inspired, you get motivated to do more stuff.

It builds up just a like a snowball, but you need to start if you like it or not.

I understand totally that it’s easier to do this for things you want to deal with. For example, which one of these two jobs would you want to do? Play with your cat or clean the kitty litter?

Out of those examples, there is one that you would take the first action towards right away. There is less emotional turmoil of doing the first action, after that first action, the next step is more natural to accomplish. The other job is more than likely something you wouldn’t want to deal with right now, and you will be more likely to wait until you have to do it.

Sure, you can wait, but you won’t want to do it any more than you did 10 minutes ago.

Do yourself a favour, take that first action, and you more than likely will feel the first tingles of that motivational feeling.

So here’s the question. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Are these types of quotes motivational quotes to get you to do something, or quotes about doing something to get you motivated to do more?


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