Finigan’s Fun House of Fantastic Curiosities, Freaks of Nature, and Traveling Circus!

Closing his eyes and feeling the waves of youthfulness flow through his veins, Finigan stands in the spotlight, savouring every second of what is going on around him. From ever direction waves of energy is emanating from the crowd, who are currently losing their minds like a pack of wild monkeys battling over a banana. He stands there not moving, in fact, welcoming the roar, as he stands in the spotlight with his arms out at his sides looking like some type of weird version of Christ the Redeemer, only this version is attired in a black and red suit.

Just moments before, the circus tent was quiet. So quiet in fact, that if a mouse were to fart, it would crack like a gunshot. Smells of cigarette smoke, popcorn and elephant shit lightly flowing in the air, but being dominant because of the lack of light.

Then, with perfect timing, a spotlight turns on, focusing on a small old man in the middle of the center ring. He’s hunched over, using his black cane as a crutch, and is wearing a black top hot. His jacket is red with brass buttons, and slacks that match the colour of his hat. He’s older than the hills, and the crowd isn’t quite sure what to make of the old-timer.

Regardless, with some cheers and whistles, the crowd welcomes the senior like they are doing him a favour by congratulating him that he is still alive after all these years. The old man looks out into the darkness towards the crowd, and he raises his old shaking arm and demands them to hush with one finger point up. As if under his spell, the all quiet down again.

Slowly, He raises his microphone and begins with a voice so powerful that it shouldn’t be coming from an ancient wrinkled being like himself.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to Finigan’s Fun House of Fantastic Curiosities, Freaks of Nature, and not to mention, the one and only, Traveling Circus!”

Like a building storm, the crowd starts to lightly applaud again! Finigan can feel the skin on his hands begin to tingle, and the wrinkles around his eyes start to smooth ever so slightly. This brings a slight smile to his face.

“You already feasted your eyes on the freaks and curiosities that I collected from all corners of the world. The Alligator Boy! The Bearded Lady! The Alien Twins! Oh, and the greatest of them all, the 8 foot 6 inch tall, Alaskan Giant!”

The crowd starts to grow ing power as the cheers and hollers get louder, as Finigan walks around the ring staring in the groups of families. Each person in attendance feeling that he is looking directly at them as he slowly moves his eyes over them. The reality, he doesn’t really see any of them. Only their energy, as it reaches out to him like healing fingers.

To the crowd’s astonishment, his hair starts to change colour right before their eyes from white to shades of gray, then finally black.

“But now friends, the time has come for the main event! It’s time to bring out the clowns, the horses, elephants, tigers and bears, OH MY!”

He spins around feasting on the electricity the crowd is giving off. The once old and almost dead man looking a lot more alive than the group remembers. Everyone in attendance, figuring that they are the receivers of a pretty good circus illusion!

“Before we start the show, I have one question for you! Are you ready to be AMAZED?”

The crowd gets louder, and he grows a year younger.


The sound coming from the crowd is making the flaps of the tent vibrate with its sounds, the house lights shake, and the stands rumble.

“Ah, yes, good! That’s better!! I THINK YOU ARE!”

The circus music starts to play, and a tent flap flies open. Out comes the troops. The clowns pulling donkey’s, the acrobats doing cartwheels, ladies on horses, men walking dogs! All coming out single file. Without counting them, you would think over 100 circus members were marching around the ring! Even though it was crowded, a set of two giant gray elephants make their way to mark the caboose of their parade.

Finigan doesn’t move as the crowd loses their minds! He smiles to himself and stands there with arms out to his sides as he devours the happiness and energy of the people in attendance. Sucking every last morsel of life out of them. Their power making him younger and younger.

Then, before the crowd destroys the place with their explosion of power, the spectacle slowly marches out from where they came from. Filing out of the tent two and three at a time waving at the crowd on the way. When the elephant finally makes it’s exit Finigan follows, leaving the group knowing that he will be back out in just a minute! Not only that but also leaving over half of them wondering how pulled off his ageing trick!

The once weathered ancient man that started the introduction leaving as a much younger man, not any older than 35!

Out in the cold air of the night, as the performers are running every which way getting ready for their sets, he simply heads towards his circus trailer. He’s twirling his cane in one hand and carrying his top hat in the other thinking to himself…

“Man, this never gets old, and at this rate, neither will I.”


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