Is There Life After Death?


Recently I had the privilege of getting my hands on a copy of G. Edward Smith‘s book called The Collection: Flash Fiction & Short Stories.

First, it was the story, A Strange Kind of Courage: When Life Matters, and then again in An Atheists Suicide.

Within the second story I mentioned, the main character, Connor Thompson, is in search of the life long question, what happens after death?

Do you know the answer, and is it an easy one?

Did you say yes? No?

Well, sorry to be frank with you, if you say that know the answer to that, then you are full of S##t. Simple as that. Nobody knows, and that is what makes the question so thought-provoking. And that is why this short story is so good. What does happen?

What happens after death?

Regardless of what we think, each one of us could be wrong.

This damn question likes to crawl across my mind several times a day. What happens after death? Or more likely than not, my self-defeating mind will change it up a bit and say things like, why the Hell am I wasting my time doing this if this is a one-shot deal? Oh, here we go again, I messed up, I’ll get it right the next time around?

I’m not going to say that I’m obsessed with it, trembling in my skin like I have thanatophobia, but I do think about it, and I have to admit, it does sometimes bother me. I guess it is fear. I do realize that this question is filled with emotions. The fear of dying. The fear of not knowing. The sadness of losing a loved one. The hopelessness that the day is going to finally come for you, just like it does for everyone else.

Here’s the thing. Emotions are for the living, and not for the dead.

How about religion?

You better bet that religion plays a massive part in what your ultimate answer is to this question. Was Jesus a superstar like they said he was or was he just idolized by religion? Who knows, right?

Regardless, there are so many beliefs and stories out there about what happens after death. I personally like the idea that was presented in An Atheists Suicide. Without giving off spoilers, the book points out that life is like a choose your own adventure. Even after death. Choose wisely, friends.

So what answers did you hear?

angel-1519575_960_720I have heard everything from when it’s over, it’s over. Lights out, and end of story. Everything’s has gone black, and you won’t give a crap because, well, you are dead. On the other side of the sword I have heard, if you be good, if you do what is right, you say what is positive, when the time comes, up you go onto your fluffy cloud in Heaven. If you fail at this, you get Gods size 15 boot to the back side, and down to Hell you go!

Then you have the many styles of reincarnation. You know you live, you grow old, and you die. Then, SURPRISE! LET’S DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN!

I do admit, I do like this the best. I think that is pretty awesome, but then leaves me with the question, what do we come back as? Some say as a completely new person. Some say you get to relive the life you just had making all your life choices over again, giving you a chance to replay those cards. Some religions believe you move up down the planes of existence.

Some simply say that you stick around and keep an eye on things. Call them ghosts, spirits, guardian angels. Whatever they are called, you are still around, you just don’t have a body anymore.

So, what happens after death?

I, for one, know something does indeed happen. What? I don’t know, and like I pointed out, you don’t know either. Nobody does.


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