17 Questions with Gloria L. Geiger the Author of Loud Music

Topher Hoffman: Welcome to the House of 1000 Books.  I am excited and proud to introduce to you to the Houses third interview in May!

Today, we have in the hot seat, Gloria L. Geiger who is a steaming new writer who has three smoking hot novels for you to read.

She is also a proud member of the #writingcommunity on twitter where she enjoys the engagement of the other members and soaks up the positive vibes that the community throws her way.

So with that, please give a warm welcome to Gloria! Welcome to the House of 1000 Books.

As I prepared for your interview, I scoped out your biography on Amazon.  One thing that popped out to me reminded me how influential adults are to children when they are growing up. You mentioned the start of your writing journey involved your elementary school librarian when she one day introduced you to a book that planted the seed of literature into your soul.

Can you remember what exactly was that hit home with you in regards to the whole situation?

41SBkrDdBwL._US230_Gloria L. Geiger: The Liberian was a sweet and kind lady. She always had a smile and loved being around us kids. She recognized that I was a bright little girl and so, one day she took me down an aisle and introduced me to William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. And I actually read it but also understood the story. I was in third grade. After Shakespeare, she asked if I wanted to read a book by the author our school was named after. I was surprised that I went to a school named after an author, so I was excited to see this book. It was Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. And I think that was my first YA book love. It’s repaired one of my very favourite books. She introduced me to Tolkien, Shultz, Bemelmans, Poe, Sendak. These are authors who I’ve read repeatedly throughout my childhood.

TH: Inspiration can found in many ways and places.  Just like the librarian, for example, inspired you at a young age.  You, yourself, also said that you try to inspire others. How do you feel you do that?

GLG: My daughter is the first person I inspired to write her stories. She is a fantastic writer, and I told her she should go for it. I’ve always tried to build others up in the community and be an excellent example of how to act. In that I mean when we are on social media, our behaviour becomes our name and face. People see your name and their will either think fondly of you and say good things. Or they will see your online behaviour and shun you for being hateful and harmful all the time. I want to always build others up. For instance, I have a twitter friend who has been battling with his writing and staying positive. I always try to build him up and help him refocus. Because I feel he has a fantastic story and it needs to be told.

TH: So, now that you are an author, and you know where your interest in writing started, can you tell us how the little girl in the library evolved into the successful author you are today?

GLG: That little girl was always interested in writing. She won awards in school for her poetry or short stories. As she grew up her love of books grew in her heart, but as she became a momma, books had to take a backseat to raising my four wonderful children. I did instill the love of books in my kids, and they each had a favourite story they loved to read. When they finally grew up and got on their own, this little voice in the back of my mind kept telling me to write. But, like many, I felt I wasn’t good enough. Then I read The Hunger Games by Susan Collins, and that little voice grew louder. And I finally realized, “I can do this!” So, my first story was one I had on the Harpercollins writers website. A place where new and even seasoned writers could share stories and also give feedback. It was a great experience one that I do not regret. I learned a lot. Eventually, I wrote my first Amazon novel Famous.

The third novel is titled Loud Music. It was born because someone was blasting their music and the thought “If it ain’t loud, it ain’t loud music!” I loved the phrase and wrote it on my chalkboard and saw it every day. Then finally Ryan Davies, lead singer and MMC of the story popped into existence. It’s one I am truly proud of. Because instead of a love story it’s a story about acceptance and trust and the deepest form of love there.

TH: Now, I would like to ask you a few questions about your books.  The first book I want to ask you about is Famous. Can you briefly describe the book?

41E+ZlUzOEL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_GLG: Famous. The story of Nicky Walsh, a Hollywood A-list actor who attracts the unwanted advances of a very crafty stalker. It’s a story I am proud of and learned so much from the research that went into that story. The stalker is a former fan who crosses the fine line between what is acceptable and what is truly frightening. She manages to get his phone number and sends him creepy text messages. She finds out what hotel he is staying in and sends him unwanted gifts or flowers. The situation eventually leads to Nicky becoming a virtual shut-in.

TH: Do you think that the risk of crazy fans and stalkers are worth the fame and fortune of being famous?

GLG: I don’t desire fame, not at all. Of course, if someone loves their craft, whatever part of the entertainment industry interest the that is a real risk. I’ve had a few creepy weirdos come along in the past. And I’ve handled it by being extra cautious but also employing legal help when needed. Sometimes the cost of fame is that you will attract some very strange people.

TH: Next,  you have a book called Too Young. Please let the readers know what that book is all about?

51NVe817iTLGLG: That story that grew out of a “what if.” I hypothesized, what if HE were the one left with a baby to raise and SHE was the one to leave? In doing research about teenage fathers, I learned that there are a lot of boys who want to be the dad for the babies they fathered. One young man, from Illinois, was in a court battle for his paternal rights to be with and even have a hand in raising his daughter. Chase Rice, the MMC in my story does just that. He fights for his rights as a father. I truly love that story.

TH: Usually, you hear of the father being the one who takes off.  Why did you or what made you want to have a single father in the story instead of a single mother?

GLG: As I said above, it grew out of a question, “What if?” You always heat the typical story of the teenage mother and what she goes through to raise her baby. So, I switched it up and made my teen parent a young man of 17. He’s got his whole future planned out then along comes baby. Can he raise this little one and still get his education? You have to read Too Young to find out.

TH: Finally, your newest novel called Lough Music.  What is the book about?

418ftjuLamLGLG: Ryan Davies is the lead singer of Loud Music he is rich has every advantage a star could dream of. But ultimately, is a miserable drug abusing alcoholic with no direction. His bandmates seem to have him for our shining them. His mother only cares about his money and what his fame can do for her. He has had more arrests than any other young celeb his age. One night he gets in some deep trouble leading to an appearance before a court judge who sentenced him to hard labour on his estranged fathers Kentucky Horse ranch. There he meets the family his horrid stage mother blocked from of his life. One such family member is Billy Miller, a fifteen-year-old higher functioning special needs boy, who can play the piano and sing. Something he and Ryan seem to bond over. Ryan seems to be able to get on a level with Billy many never try or know how to relate to. It’s a beautiful story.

TH: Now, I noticed the last two books had a family connection them, even if you feel it was a mild one.  My question is, do you believe in the power of a powerful family support system to overcome essential tasks and goals in a person’s life?

GLG: Actually I do! My kids and I are very close-knit. We support and encourage each other. My second eldest son is an actor now, he grew the desire to be an actor watching my performances on stage in our little theatre, The Edge, in it Phoenix, Az. Sadly, they are no longer in Arizona, but my theatre family truly encouraged my kids to be there and even enjoy some acting games. Now, back then, he always said he was proud of his mama. But, now it’s my turn, I get to encourage him and helped build his career. Now, he’s in a bigger pond with bigger fish, and he’s flourishing. As I said at the opening, my daughter is also an author. She wrote her first book, Shift, and published it herself. It’s a really great YA sci-fi story. Very original.ky youngest son is a wizard with computer special effects and animation he and his older brother are working toward their own film company. It will be family owned and operated. They’ve won awards for their short films

And want to jump in the bigger field of independent films. They have a submission ready for Sundance this year. I’m pretty proud of them.

TH: So, your newest book. You have told me that it is a trilogy.  Are you excited where you are going to take the story next?

GLG: Oh, I definitely am! The characters and story have grown and changed so much. The second book in the Loud Music series will have a darker theme, as it deals with the death of one of the key characters. Also, the deep depression of another character and just how dark it can be when your heart is broken, and you keep blaming yourself for the death your loved one suffered. This book will come with a trigger warning as I do not want anyone who is susceptible to such a sensitive situation to be hurt. I have a close friend who battles with deep depression and has attempted to take their own life when they were a young teen. I’m so very grateful she didn’t succeed because she has so much to offer this world and I would have missed out on a great and inspiring friendship. She was the one to warn me to use the disclaimer for book 2.

TH: What is one teaser you would like to share with the readers in regards to the upcoming book?

GLG: Well, Book 2 focuses on two MMC’s, not just one. Trevor Knight, Ryan’s nemesis in book one is the main character to open this story. He’s been a Hollywood kid actor for as long as he can remember. He’s been on multiple tv shows and commercials. Made good money that has allowed his single mother to afford a nice home in an affluent neighbourhood. His story allows the reader to understand why he heaved the way he does in book one. He’s been through a lot in his young life. And it’s heartbreaking. Sometimes we are products of our upbringing.

TH: You are one of the supporting members of the #writingcommunity on twitter.  If you had to describe what that community means to you in three words, what would those three words be?

GLG: Supportive, encouraging, fun!

TH: With so many great and remarkable people there, what is the most memorable tweet you have read, or one that you can recall that you thought, “Damn, that’s an awesome thing to say!”?

GLG: Sure ask me the hard questions. I’d have to say each account that I interact with has the best tweets. Some are just so funny, and some are very ‍profound. But I’d say the ones that stand out most are the ones who stand out the most are the one like M.R. Rutter, she’s a good friend and always up building. Next would be, Carmen DeSousa. We’ve known each other for seven going on eight years. She’s been like my own Mr. Miyagi. Helping me avoid the pitfalls many newbie authors fall into. Such as being scammed by fake publishing sites. She’s also been so much help with introducing me to my new cover artist and editor. I truly value her friendship. Serah and Michael Brightside, and her brother, Matthew Whiteside. The most encouraging group of people on Twitter. This authors I’ve mentioned are the very best Twitter has to offer.

TH: Have you ever sought advice on twitter about your writing, if so, what was the best piece of information you got?

GLG: Don’t engage in Twitter wars and never let anyone silence your voice.

TH: What’s your most enjoyable part of the community on Twitter?  For instance, I really like gifs and 6-word stories. What do you enjoy the most there?

GLG: Oh, me too! My friends jokingly call The Gif Queen. I

Love a good gif game. Lol.

TH: Follow Friday, and #FF is a big part of Twitter to show your appreciation for the people that you follow. Are there any users you want to shout out to?

GLG: Aside from those I just Mentioned above, there is K.N.Blackburn, one hell of a new author. I am so awed by her amazing talent as an author. J. P. Dailing, a hilarious character and terrific writer. We became good friends using Jedi gifs when some twitter troll, who hates indie authors, went after him. Every time this person insulted one of us, we just tweeted another Jedi gif. It was funny and well, we’ve been friends ever since.

TH: Unfortunately, I’m all out of questions, and that’s all I have for you, Gloria. Do you have any closing thoughts or anything you want to tell the readers?

As an indie author, I want to say that word of mouth is how we get readers. The best way readers can help us indies out is to spread the word about the indie books they read. Leave reviews on Amazon or whatever book forum they bought the books from. This is how we get to sell more books. So, please be kind and leave a review of the books you read. Even if it wasn’t your cup of tea. An author can learn much from an honest review no matter the amount of stars a reader gives their work. I love honest feedback. And I love meeting awesome readers, too.

TH: Thank you for taking the time to share with us some of what you and your writing world consist of! Folks, please stop by and say high to Gloria! She can be found at @AuthorPrime01 (twitter) and Gloria_L_Geiger (Instagram)

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