Free -Trick or Treat – May 10 to 14

Junkies of horror and short stories look no farther and feast your eyes on the brand-new tale weaved by Jamie Stewart titled Trick or Treat.

For a limited time, pick up your copy FREE  right here! Trick or Treat!

514tU6DJWmLIf I do say so myself, I found that it had the right dose of spookiness and chilling details to fill your craving of a supernatural high.

While brewing up his tale, you can tell the author cleverly placed all the ingredients he needed into his literary pot to serve you a lethal dose of the creeps. The parts of the story blended together smoothly just like a creamy fatal elixir, and just like a pusher of the spooks, he had no problem making you devour his creation.

The eerie start to the story hooked me like one of Jigsaws traps right off the start. Although this was accomplished with using familiarization, rather than trickery and gore, the effect was the same. What lured me in was the reminiscence of when I too lived in a small town. For me, I found that he hit the nail right on the head when he informed the readers that each town has very own haunted house. How true it is!

Without boring us to death and killing us with an unnecessary amount of filler, he saves you by giving you a lifeline of a story that was just the right length and details. I appreciated that because I would rather not be doing something else then reading a story that drags on and on and on. A story that pulls every last second of life out of you that it can just to waste look bigger than it is. Even though the story a short read, it does not lack any details.

I found that the story had a small town mentality. I picked this up during the first few pages. In a small town, your business is everyone else business even if you don’t make it their business. Everyone has a story to tell and knows more one more detail to the story than the last person. I loved how the feelings of fear and the creation of twisted tales are brought forth regarding all the locals. This allowed the readers to drill into peoples heads like a power tool and witness the point of views of the scared children and the jittery adults and get a real feeling on how the town really felt of the haunted house.

Something indeed wrong had happened in that small town as Jamie masterfully reveals to you, and actually makes you feel that you should be grateful that you live right where you are and not in that sleepy little town.

Of course, there are two sides to every bloody machete. After you learn about the views of the town and the story grows darker you finally get introduced to Jane. As you read on you, get to a first-hand look of what really makes the little lady tick. And boy is it ticking loud and ready to explode like a cherry bomb just waiting to explode. Possibly blowing off your fingertips on the process.

Finally, the climax of the story! The tale has you around the neck with a black gloved hand and squeezes you while you wait to see what happens next! So what does happen? Well, I can tell you this! Ladies and gentlemen gather around and witness the hottest showdown in town! In one corner you have Jane “The Broken,” the mother of the fallen! Here opponent? None other than the villainous, malevolent, and nefarious The Reaper Man! So what happens next? Well, that’s for you to find out when you read this fantastic piece!

If you can’t tell by now, I enjoyed reading Trick or Treat immensely. It’s the right length, he has the right amount of details, excellent back story, and throws a big bucket full of hot sizzling good vs vicious evil right in your face.

But, don’t’ take my word for it,  give it a read! Get it off Amazon right HERE for FREE! 

It’s only FREE for a few days, so don’t miss out.  While you are there, or if you really like the story like I did, pick up his other story while you are there! Insular. (My review) This one isn’t free, but it’s only .99 cents.  You can’t really go wrong with the price!  Buy it here! Insular: A Short Story

Don’t wait!  I know you want to give this story a chance and plus I’m dying to hear what you thought of it!

Read it, leave me a comment, and we can discuss it!



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