Why Dark Flowers By Caytlyn Brooke Will Change Your Mind About Fairies

Are you one of those people who think fairies are adorable, tiny, mysterious beings that come and sprinkle their whimsical fairy dust all over the place making everything smell like cotton candy?

“Oh, they are so tiny and so harmless, right?”

Well then, I have some rather unfortunate news for you regarding fairies! They could be possibly the root of all evil!

About the Book

Author: Caytlyn Brooke

Pages:  196

Genre:  YA Dark Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Life at St. Agatha’s School for Girls is anything but a fairytale. With ratty blankets and a torturous device called the box, it’s not hard to understand Eliza’s desperation to escape. When the timing is right, Eliza manages to run away with her best friend Millie, heading through the Louisiana swamps to the town on the other side. But the swamps may be even more dangerous than the orphanage. Silver and black fairies invite the girls to experience a world where they can have it all, but Eliza doesn’t trust the sparkling beauty. When Millie suddenly becomes violent and attacks another girl, Eliza knows something awful is about to happen. She will do anything to protect Millie but once Eliza remembers her own terrible secret, it is impossible to forget. The fairies’ songs call to Eliza and its getting harder and harder to pretend it’s all in her head.

Actually, this is both, a book review of Caytlyn Brooke’s book Dark Flowers, and my facts about, after reading this book, that fairies are disgusting little morsels of flesh with wings!

What Did I Like?

So precisely what do I think the book has going on for itself?

A lot!

It Was Thrilling

fairyfact1The design of the book is thrilling. Or should I say, the story is suspenseful where you don’t know where the book is going? When the girls get themselves out of one mess, they find themselves in another. From the start of the book to the end of the book, the novel is an overall exciting read.

At the start, the book begins with a tale of how an orphan attempted to escape but had gotten attacked and devoured by alligators never to be seen again. It set it up for the main plot of Eliza and Millie getting the hell out of that orphanage.

The introduction fo the head nun and the closet was another obstacle that causes some oh-nos. You didn’t’ want the girls to get caught by her. It was made very clear that the nun loved to do nothing more than making the orphans lives a living hell.

The first run-in with the fairies was pretty awesome! Not exactly how I thought a fairy would be. So evil and devilish. More of them later on.

The Book Was Dark

Fairyfact2The book has a dark feeling, and it tremendously added to the story.

I am pretty sure that Caytlyn Brooke created this world with that explicit intention in mind. To produce a dreary, depressing, and not so friendly place for the orphans to live.

If it wasn’t her intention, perhaps it’s because of the feeling I had in my mind about how I thought an old orphanage would look if it were run by a bunch of crusty old nuns.

Ok! Ok! I’m sure all nuns aren’t crusty, but as I mentioned before, the head nun was. Saying that she was mean is an understatement!

fairyfact3I know a significant influence of my picturing how the orphanage was came from an old movie called Annie from 1982. In that movie, the orphanage was dark, the kids unhappy, and it was run by an old hag called Miss Hannigan. Do you remember it? Look it up only if you like musicals.

The other thing that added to the darkness was the orphanage’s surroundings. It was in the middle of nowhere with swamp damp swamps and old forests all around it. The perfect environment for dark and evil things to live!

Later on in the book, I figured out that it wasn’t written about the past, but it was more modern than I thought with the mentioning of cars and a modern day hospital.

It Was Filled With Friendship

fairy fact 4The two girls have a strong bond. I liked how it showed that they had to stick together to survive, or so they thought at least.

Millie and Eliza. One was shy, quiet, and seemed like just an all-around good kid. The other one, a bit more loud, outgoing, and some could classify her as a trouble maker. Opposites attract I suppose!

One part of the story that I thought was well done concerning their friendship was on adoption day. Eliza found out that Millie was going to be adopted. There was a flow of feelings and emotion going through Eliza’s head, and she just didn’t want to let go of Millie and their friendship.

It Was Magical

fairyfact#5It was magical. Although it wasn’t good magic, you had your fill of dark fairy magic!

The fairies were nasty little beings, I loved how Caytlyn created them. They weren’t the traditional type of fairy. They were nasty. I’m not going to get into everything they did, but let’s just say, you wouldn’t want to meet them in a forest by the swamp while escaping an orphanage at night.

Some of the most eery details that I enjoyed was the evidence of the fairies the silver dust, the creepy signing, and their mass numbers. Oh yes, their mass numbers, they tiny devils travel in hordes and give off a new meaning of power in numbers.

With that, this brings me to my final Fairy Fact #6: Now my most significant piece of proof that fairies are not what they seem to be.

I ask you, the jury, where does the tooth fairy get her money to give to kids when they put a tooth under their pillow?

Well, some of you might say, ah ha! By making tea and cookies!

WRONG! Those are Keebler elves. So, Fairies actually don’t have jobs, so they don’ make any money. Obviously, they steal it! Point made! Thanks to Caytlyn, I have come to the final conclusion that fairies are indeed horrible petit dishonest terrors! My advice, stay away from them!

My Verdict About the Book?

Read it!

If you are a fan of YA or a fan of dark fantasy, then this book is for you. It has everything that makes up a great story. Strong characters, a smooth well thought out storyline, and when you think the book

I would recommend this book! Give it a read, you won’t be sorry you did!

If you want to read this fantastic book, click on the image below to get your own copy!

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